24 September 2005

The One With 100 Things

1. I am a daughter, sister, niece, and aunt.
2. I do not wish to be a mother.
3. I never rule anything out.
4. I started getting along with my brother the day he moved out.
5. I have been paying into Social Security since I was 9.
6. I have worked for the family company, for a vet clinic, in retail, and for myself as a farrier.
7. I enjoyed them all.
8. I have never asked for a job.
9. I don't mind working hard.
10. I have had a lot of schooling.
11. I greatly dislike homework.
12. I have an AA degree in Math & Science.
13. I have an AA degree in Human Services (Counselling degree).
14. I am about six classes away from having a BA in Mathematics.
15. I am also about six classes away from having all prerequisites completed for Vet School.
16. I would go to vet school if I didn't have to work.
17. I will finish my Math degree, but not right now.
18. I love to draw.
19. I am good at almost everything I try.
20. Most things don't interest me enough to continue doing.
21. I love to listen to music.
22. I greatly dislike Jazz, Heavy Metal (if it's still called that), and most Rap.
23. I have a love for classical music, especially if it has piano, violin, and/or flute in it.
24. I like talk-radio and listen to it almost daily.
25. I am a Fiscal Conservative, first and foremost.
26. I was a registered Republican until about six months ago.
27. I am a registered Independent.
28. I don't like either of the "main" political parties.
29. I think they have their heads up their collective asses and no longer represent what they once did.
30. I don't mind talking politics, but will throw a fit if others talk about their views then refuse to listen to mine.
31. I don't believe in organized religion.
32. I am very spiritual.
33. I don't believe in coincidence.
34. I sense things about people within the first ten minutes of meeting them.
35. I am generally correct in what I "see".
36. I am not good at lying, so I don't.
37. I am incredibly honest.
38. I have very strong morals, and I stand by them.
39. Those who don't like that don't need to exist in my world.
40. Even if you are family.
41. I do not trust people easily.
42. I am very picky about who I let into my world.
43. I have been hurt anyway.
44. I am incredibly sensitive in many ways.
45. I cannot stand the sound of a ticking clock.
46. I hear things other people don't.
47. I pay attention to my dreams.
48. I have had dreams come true.
49. I almost changed my flight to Hawaii last year because of a dream I had about it.
50. I love flying.
51. I want to learn to pilot a helicopter.
52. I can go to sleep anywhere, anytime if I am tired.
53. Cleaning the shower drain makes me gag and sometimes dry heave.
54. Smelling steamed broccoli gives me the same reaction.
55. I am texture sensitive when it comes to food.
56. I love canned asparagus, but hate it fresh.
57. I will choose salty foods over chocolate.
58. I played with bugs, lizards, worms etc. as a child.
59. The older I get, the more I hate bugs, rodents, etc.
60. I've only hit one animal while driving, a goose.
61. I have had two deer hit me. Once when my car was parked, once when I was driving.
62. I love animals, particularly horses and dogs.
63. Nobody else in my family particularly likes horses.
64. Animals tend to trust me more than most.
65. People tend to instantly like and trust me.
66. I have had strangers start telling me their life stories.
67. It always seemed to happen when I was running late.
68. I let it continue, as I am a Conversation Encourager.
69. People seem to feel they know me simply because I let them talk.
70. I don't say that I hate someone unless I wish them to be dead.
71. The only person I ever really hated was my old doctor.
72. He died in a single car wreck.
73. I have a general dislike of doctors and dentists.
74. Several years ago I think I broke my right patella.
75. I refused to get it x-rayed or to see a doctor.
76. I have, and continue to, pay for my stupidity.
77. I never had fillings in my teeth until I was 24.
78. My teeth never hurt before then, and have since then.
79. I have never been back to a dentist since.
80. Having my wisdom teeth removed was the only surgery I've had.
81. I have weird eyes.
82. One is dominant for distance, one for reading / close up stuff.
83. All my eye doctors said I didn't need glasses since both eyes were being used fairly equally.
84. I was told my headaches were from reading too much - "something you get from being a student".
85. I made them give me reading glasses.
86. I love studying equine anatomy.
87. I can name all the bones and most tendons in a horse's leg, front or hind.
88. I know nothing about human anatomy.
89. I have to look in a book to find which bone is the tibia and which is the fibula.
90. I am a very logical person.
91. I am a very emotional person.
92. Those two sides don't communicate very well.
93. I know what it's like to panic.
94. I didn't start drinking alcohol until about three years ago.
95. The smell of beer and wine have always made me gag.
96. Only once have I started drinking to get rid of a bad day.
97. I will never do that again.
98. I love to write, pen on paper, and I don't care what.
99. I love fountain pens.
100. I got my first ever headache in my senior year of high school - it was a migraine.

20 September 2005

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15 September 2005

APAD #20

This is what happens when I try to take a picture of the beautiful moon when it's not *quite* dark out.

11 September 2005

10 September 2005

08 September 2005

07 September 2005


I did it. I really did. I dug my leather backpack out of my closet (okay, I didn't dig. I slid the door open, picked it up off the floor where I put it the other day, and slid the door closed.), put my two projects in there, and took pictures for your viewing pleasure. I think this will work perfectly for the time being! I'm happy to be out of the [tacky] boxes and crate. ;)

Lessons Learned, Lessons Shared

Lesson #847a: Keep your digital camera with you at all times. Don't leave it at home, go ahead and put it with your daily crap that gets carried to and from the truck each morning and evening. The best scenes that would be great pictures are those you see while driving.

Lesson #847b: Don't stare at the sun while looking at the really neat Almost-a-Sunset while driving. It's hard to see the road through white spots. And other drivers don't appreciate you driving by braille.

I'm sorry, but...

I have been receiving so much spam on my blog lately (in the comments) that I turned on the "word verification" setting -- so, you will have one extra step if you choose to post to my blog. Hopefully there aren't any problems and it works smoothly!

06 September 2005

APAD #16

(Those black things? Five bats. That we walk under unknowingly during the day.)


So Tracy was in town this past weekend. We were able to get together for a few hours on Sunday, and during that time I had a scarf that I so badly wanted fixed so I could start working on it again! (She is so batass; I did watch while she fixed it [in mere seconds...] and got the stitches on the needle correctly - woohoo!). Anyway, she was absolutely apalled at how I had my knitting! [Hey, let me explain!!] You see, when I'm working on everything at home, I have my project and yarn and needles all nicely spread out on the pool table. Nice and out of the way, but very easily accessible. Sounds perfect, right? Right. So, someone comes through and cleans the pool table off, and puts my knitting stuff in those cardboard flats that you buy a case of Coke or something in. So, to put that "safely" in my truck, I put the cardboard flats in a crate. In this picture, you're looking down on my knitting from the back door of my truck, so you're looking down on the back seat. Green blanket is Morgan's (the Black Lab - the back seat is his).

And so it goes. "Kalah!" [I cringe.] "What is this?!!" [Still cringing... "it's my knitting!"] "But what is THIS!? Oh, I MUST take a picture of this."

But if you see the post below, I'm really WANTING to organize my stuff. I think I found an old backpack that will work (for the time being) to transport knitting around - it's a small leather backpack. Will have to try it out and post a picture of THAT if I'm satisfied.

05 September 2005

My Craft Corner?

I have this space that would be perfect for organizing my crafty things. Various stamp stuff, many coloured pencils and standard graphite drawing pencils, knitting stuff, you know. Art stuff. I'm just not sure how to go about *really* organizing this space. In the picture, you see this cool little cubby that was built for sports equipment storage. My skiis are downstairs with everyone else's, my bike is (sadly) outside waiting for me to clean space in my room to bring the trainer in (so I can hook my bike up to it), and only my golf clubs live in the sports storage area. What I want is to have shelving in there. I'm tall enough to where I can leave the bottom part available for golf clubs etc. to live, but to have shelving that's 18" or so deep would be WONDERFUL above that! That little wall on the left has electricity running through it somewhere, and the wall on the back and right may have plumbing running through it. I JUST put my yarn and some needles in that very small shelving unit in the picture - I can't put anything else in there! Oh to dream of shelving... I'm sure I can buy smooth 18" deep boards at Home Depot ... and I know exactly where to get my L Brackets, and ... well, sure sounds like a weekend project, doesn't it. Now that I'm done organizing the back of my truck, I have weekends (sort of) free enough to start another project. See, I'm rambling. What I really want? To wave my magic wand and have the shelves already cut and stained and put up. So that I can go straight to organizing my STUFF. :) (And yes, my bedroom walls are all dark green. It's a very calming colour for me. I also have glow in the dark stars covering my ceiling.)

APAD #15

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APAD #11a and 11b

APAD #10

[Edit {29-Aug-05}: I thought I was being soooo smart by dating my APADs for future dates this week, as I will not be around a computer this week to upload them each day. I thought that perhaps Blogger was brainy and would know that if I put Sept 1st as the date, it wouldn't show the post until that date. Just so you know? Blogger isn't that brainy.]


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