01 January 2006

No Knitting, No Thinking of Knitting...

Yeah. I was about ready to fix The Stitch. So I could finish the scarf. I had a half day of work on friday, and was off through monday. As of saturday, I am no longer at home. As of the wee hours on saturday, we were actually flooded in - water was too high to be able to drive any cars out of our driveway. Saturday afternoon, we shut the propane off to the house (i.e., no cooking anything, no boiling water to make it drinkable, etc.), packed a few changes of clothes into backpacks, grabbed the dogs, and hiked up to our neighbours (we're built into the side of a mountain, so think "poison oak, blackberry bushes, running water, mud, hands & knees going uphill, feet and butt going downhill" (thankfully, I don't get poison oak, and I don't mind getting muddy!)... Now? The water level is back down, but we had a mudslide, so we need to get the tractor home to move mud so I can get my truck out. I borrowed my brothers truck this afternoon so I could go take care of a few houses that I'm supposed to be taking care of, but it looks as though I'm staying at my brother's until further notice.

The Stitch will wait. I'm sure of it. I don't think it will decide to fix itself, nor do I think anyone else will pick it up and mess with it.

And maybe by 2009 or so, I'll be wearing that scarf! ;)