21 October 2006

1949 - 2006

Godspeed, Aunt Denise.

May you be forever free of pain, full of joy, surrounded by love.

The family you leave behind is well loved and will always be taken care of.

14 October 2006

Saturday Baking

Today is a "Wash the Truck" day. (Which I still haven't done, but will before the day is over.) While waiting for the driveway space to pull my truck up, I decided to bake.

In order to bake, I need music. Unfortunately, XM radio is in the kitchen (as opposed to Sirius); they don't have the good oldies stations I like! (I prefer late 50s - early 70s, but there wasn't a choice to listen to that segment of music.)

Classical it was. Veracini performing Violin Sonata #6.

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The cookies? Well, I was going to make the classic Nestle Toll House Cookies. Chocolate chip. But digging through the drawer with the 'chips in it, I found about 1/3 to 1/2 bag of both Mrs. Fields choco chips, and Nestle Vanilla Chips.

So that's what I used. Then my mom piped up with, "Why don't you go ahead and use those Heath things too?" So, in went a full bag of crushed Heath bars.

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And let me tell you. They were wonderful. :) (And there's a lot left. Which means some of them are going over to Tracy tomorrow.)

08 October 2006


Lace scarfSee? I am still knitting. I know it's amazing, but there we go! It is a crappy picture though; I didn't realize until I put the card in the card reader on the computer. I did learn, however, that pillows make nice things to pin into. The bed would've been good, but I'm not gonna do that to my bed. (It's a Select Comfort bed by the Sleep Number people. LOVE the bed. Sharp pointy things being stabbed into the air chambers could be Very Bad.)

06 October 2006


I did swatches of the Lime Blue and Amazonas hpy's. The Amazonas is looking to be more like a camouflage colour, and the Lime Blue is just kinda fun. Never know how they will pattern themselves when knit up for reals!

04 October 2006

Handpainted Yarn. (i.e., The Result Of My Knitting-stuff Buying Ban)

Lime Blue lm
I do think, though, that I set my Self Imposed Knitting Stuff Buying Ban after this batch of yarn-buying.

I bought a few skeins of lace yarn from HPY several weeks ago; the Sapphire Magenta, Black, and Sealed Wax (I think that's what the red was called). Now I have added three more to the mix because I love "knitting little" and the yarn is beautiful and, well.

I'm addicted.

Amorosos lm

"Hello? My name is Kalah? [... silence ... ] Hello? HELLO!?"

Amazonas lm

Right, I see that nobody else is in this meeting. Or at least willing to out yourselves as complete addicts. I'm FINE. Really, fine. [As in, F*cked up, Insecure, Neurotic, Emotional.] Super fine... ;)