06 July 2006

It's a ... What IS that??

Did I mention I was going to try something new (to me)?

I'm trying something new.

I decided that I wanted to do something with a cable in it. A simple basic cable. And I wanted each half of the cable to be a different colour. I can see it in my head ... I can see it completed in my head, and it looks pretty snazzy! Now I have to figure out how do do it, exactly. I have a good idea, and it will get done, but it may take awhile.

Mainly because this isn't something where my mind can wander. I have eight strands of yarn hanging down ... 4 are live, 4 are ends.

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Please understand: I am a baby knitter. I don't know how this looks to you, but for me?

I need a drink.

05 July 2006

Hello, My Name Is Kalah? ["Hi Kalah..."]

For those of you who don't know, I suffer from yarnaholism. (See, this is my way of saying, "I have new yarn.") If I have a bad day? I need yarn fumes. If I had quite the time with CtE at work? I need to fondle yarn. If I had a frustrating day, get off work early, AND have a COOpun to use? I buy yarn.

[If you wonder, "COOpun" comes from comedian Ron White. In normal english, COOpun is coupon.]

I didn't need any yarn. I never need yarn. But... but, you see, there's this yarn that always sucks me in. I always have to touch it. Not because it's soft or anything (because that would be baby alpaca, which this isn't), but because the colours draw me to them.

This, my friends, is how I celebrated Independence Day.

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Picture is smaller than I expected to make it. Must be the lateness of the night...

The grouping of five balls? Those are from Cascade Yarns. "Rio" is the yarn within Cascade.

The blue at either bottom corner? Those are both Berroco ... and I totally forget what type from them. Mmmm.... yeah. My brain is off the thinking mode. Softouch? Something like that.

I had a few people ask what I was going to do with this yarn. First? I'm going to admire it. I am going to be happy that I have it home. I am going to add it to my stash (my yarnstuff is becoming a stash!). I'm going to save it until I see a project that needs a little hint of colour, and then! Then, I will use one of these yarns, because that's what it will be perfect for.

I love yarn.