31 August 2005

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24 August 2005


Seatbeltbags = Happiness

I am such a happy girl. I've waited a long time for these bags (well, the red one anyway), as poor Tracy can attest to! But here, first I have to show you what I'm using now. The black thing is a purse that met my needs, even though I didn't care for it when I bought it and still don't care for it. It's .... too rectangular. The tan thing is my leather attache that contains all my "non-purse-essential" stuff. Appointment book, receipt book, client info, writing pad with clipboard, map book (that actually belongs in the truck), banking envelopes / deposit slips, reading glasses, calculator, "feminine products", tissues, bandaids, sunblock, you name it, if I need it, it's there. I spend a lot of time on the road. My purse basically has my checkbook w/ credit cards, my cell phone (which is generally in my truck), my Rescue Remedy oral spray, sunblock, lipstick, and one or two pens.

Okay, yeah, I carry a lot of crap. But it's all crap I USE.

So, the "before" picture (they look like a sad lot, don't they? They're asking for a vacation from use, you can see it.)

So, after THAT, I switched everything over. Now, I did have stray papers in my purse that I didn't swap over (because really, they need to be thrown away...), and from my attache, there was a magazine and a file that I no longer need in there, so those didn't make the transfer either. But other than THAT, here's what happened!

23 August 2005


Tracy Made Me Do It!!

I will now (attempt) to do the "A Picture A Day" thing, herein known as "APAD".

I just thought you should know who to blame.