30 September 2006

Knitting In Lace.

And let me just say that I enjoy it a lot.


29 September 2006

Talent, They Say

I'm a Talent!

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Talent: 62%
Lifer: 31%
Mandarin: 41%

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24 September 2006

Socks! (Well, Sock. Sockette, really.)

This past Wednesday I took a sock class at our local knitting store, Sierra Knitting Co. The class started at 4p, but with work and all, I wasn't able to get there until 5p. (I had warned everyone ahead of time! I think the only time I can make a weekday 4p appointment is if a) I have horses to do or b) I have a massage scheduled.)

So, the Sock Class. It was taught by an outsider, not Debi or Donna. I think this gal teaches quite a few classes there though.

We did a mini-sock pattern so we could get the idear of casting on (with the german long-tail something-er-other cast on), dividing sts for the heel flap, picking up sts, doing the kitchener st at the toe. When I left the class I still had the whole toe section to do, but another girl had gotten down to that part so we were all able to see how it was done. Easier to go back to the written instructions after you've seen it.

I used US3's on this little sock. The class callout was for US2's, but a) I already had 3's, not 2's, and b) I'm a tight knitter and knew I'd be able to get away with it.

So without further ado, I present to you a Finished Object. (Thank God.)

Nini Sock

Mini Sock

Just so you know the size of the sock... the top picture was taken with Sock sitting on the nose of my bicycle seat. It's 2" from toe to heel, and 2" from heel to the top of the cuff. See? Little.

I do want to knit REAL socks at some point, but I think I would like to wait and get some Addi dpn's. They make lil ones with the Addi "turbo" coating. (I actually went to the skacel website and checked....).

For now, I'm on a self-imposed knitting-stuff-buying ban until I finish a scarf from lace weight yarn (from hpy), and the pink scarf out of baby alpaca. Once those two projects are FINISHED, then I will look into buying the Addi Turbo dpn's in size "really small".

10 September 2006

Here's What I've Learned.

I need sharper (think KnitPicks) needles before I knit up my lace yarn.

I found that out on row three of swatch.

Good thing I have my light pink baby alpaca yarn as a backup to knit, eh? How's that for thinkin'!!

(No pictures though. I'm too lazy right now.)