25 March 2007

My First Felt

Same colour, same lot, and different striping. (Cascade Yarns. Jewel. Hand Dyed. Peruvian Wool.) Odd. We're sort of blocking upside down right now. I think the washing machine spun it too dry - don't think it'll block, really. But that's okay, I can always do that later. I liked the colours of this yarn, but I'll be picking more fun colours for next time...

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27 January 2007

Christmas in January

My Christmas gift from Tracy arrived this past week!!

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Do you see that? She knit up a blanket for me! And felted slippers! The blanket is so beautiful and soft and big ... the slippers are very comfy. Details on the blanket: Knit with three strands of Homespun held together on Addi Turbo circular 19's. Colors are Grape, Fiesta, and some red they don't make anymore. Details on the slippers: They're spongier than I expected. ;)

I did not measure the size of the blanket, but in the picture where it is mostly spread out on my bed? My bed is a Queen, so that should give you an idea. If you want REAL measurements, you will have to let me know, then wait for me to do it...

14 January 2007


20 degrees this morning, 18 degrees yesterday morning. And my coffee maker still hasn't arrived.


I was at Target yesterday shopping for a baby shower, and decided to see if there were any suitable shelving unit things for my "Et cetera Closet". I found shelving! I bought two units (they are stackable), and four cloth drawers. (I bought the pink ones because they were on a super reduced sale, a "two-fer" deal, and I really don't mind pink at all.)

All four bins are full of yarn. On top of the shelving units sits a plastic bin (which has most of my straight needles in it), and on top of that is the orange Pandora's Box with all sorts of various knitterly things in it, then on top of THAT is a knitting tote thing that my mom found at Walmart (?) so picked it up.

And the best thing about all this? My skiis and golf clubs still fit alongside the unit! Everything still goes in the space, but in a much more organized way. Love it.

27 November 2006


From exactly one week ago, looking from our front deck...

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08 November 2006

Yarn and Puppies!

Jury Duty, Schmury Duty. We're just not going to talk about that.

First, I give you a Puppy Shot! Miss Stella *loves* to launch herself off the top of the two steps going down into the living room. Here she is mid-air, chasing after her tennis ball.

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And during my lunch hour today, I wasn't hungry, so I decided "Oh! There'a a Yarn Store up the street that I never have time to get up to!" I have never been in this store. Looked in the windows when I've been up there after they were closed, but never stepped foot in there.

I came, I looked, I bought.

Buying ban? Wha'? I don't unnerstand... b... ban?

(Right. I know. A knitting-stuff-buying-ban. I completely forgot about it once I entered that store. I use the Twinkie Defense! Even though I haven't had a twinkie since .... well, it's been many years.)

This is the yarn I bought today. It's called 18 Carat (or Karat?). One is a silver sparkly one, the other is a pink sparkly. The photo doesn't nearly do the colours justice, but there you go. One of these will go up the cable of the scarf I mentioned waaay back when (you know, the one out of the pink baby alpaca? That one.).

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This was my last purchase before my knitting-stuff-buying-ban really went into effect. Two blue laceweights from HPY. One is Azul Bolita, the other Oceanos. I'm not sure which is which, and I don't really care enough to figure it out...

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Jury duty at 9a. Bed calls.

05 November 2006

I Need Another Vacation.

I was happily on vacation from October 21st - 29th. Went to Indiana to visit a dear friend and, I think, I need to go back!

See, I got back late late late Sunday night, the 29th.

On Monday after work, I picked up my puppy. She's 5 months old, she's a Jack Russell, her name is Stella.

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On Tuesday, I was to report for jury duty (jury selection). My group was postponed until Wednesday. So, Wednesday I go in, and lucky me - I was chosen to sit on the jury. Say hello to Juror Number Three.... Jury Duty is Tues-Thurs from 8:30a to 4:30p until the case is done. So you know? This is the most boring thing I have ever done in my life. EVER.

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The small town where the court house is has a parking garage. Three floors. With narrow-ish tight tunnels going from floor to floor.

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What happened on Thursday, you ask? Well, on the TWO HOUR LUNCH we were given (wasting my time, thank you), I was leaving the parking garage to go home and let the dogs out. I scratched my truck on the parking garage wall. (I took my dad's Honda car back - it fits much better!).

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I don't want to be on jury duty again. I'm glad I got to experience it this once, but from now on? I will tell the judge and attorneys that I don't have the ability to stay awake when things are this boring. It's a very honest statement. It doesn't matter that I just had a double latte. It just doesn't! (I did try the "I have a very close family friend on the Sheriff's Department, my uncle's a retired cop, and my neighbour was a retired cop." That didn't work.)

21 October 2006

1949 - 2006

Godspeed, Aunt Denise.

May you be forever free of pain, full of joy, surrounded by love.

The family you leave behind is well loved and will always be taken care of.