22 June 2005

Something Amazing For Chaun

Ask, and you shall receive! Lovely amethyst ink on my most favourite paper - my engineering comp pad. (Yes, I am a nerd, I love graph paper, but it has to be a faint graph print rather than bold how most are.)

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20 June 2005

The One For Summers

I shared in a previous post about buying a fountain pen from Levenger, a favourite catalogue of mine, and Summers came out as a fellow penaholic. So I share with thee a photo of my new pen. Filled with amethyst ink. This is a Levenger brand pen, as it was very decently priced (this particular colour was on sale even! So I got my initials engraved on it as well...), and it is the perfect weight. I love the fact that the cap screws on, rather than snaps on like most pens. I love that it already took a dive to the ground and showed no ill will towards me. I love, love, love this pen! I use it daily. It is very smooth, and it is SO me. :) I am a happy little camper!

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