27 November 2006


From exactly one week ago, looking from our front deck...

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08 November 2006

Yarn and Puppies!

Jury Duty, Schmury Duty. We're just not going to talk about that.

First, I give you a Puppy Shot! Miss Stella *loves* to launch herself off the top of the two steps going down into the living room. Here she is mid-air, chasing after her tennis ball.

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And during my lunch hour today, I wasn't hungry, so I decided "Oh! There'a a Yarn Store up the street that I never have time to get up to!" I have never been in this store. Looked in the windows when I've been up there after they were closed, but never stepped foot in there.

I came, I looked, I bought.

Buying ban? Wha'? I don't unnerstand... b... ban?

(Right. I know. A knitting-stuff-buying-ban. I completely forgot about it once I entered that store. I use the Twinkie Defense! Even though I haven't had a twinkie since .... well, it's been many years.)

This is the yarn I bought today. It's called 18 Carat (or Karat?). One is a silver sparkly one, the other is a pink sparkly. The photo doesn't nearly do the colours justice, but there you go. One of these will go up the cable of the scarf I mentioned waaay back when (you know, the one out of the pink baby alpaca? That one.).

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This was my last purchase before my knitting-stuff-buying-ban really went into effect. Two blue laceweights from HPY. One is Azul Bolita, the other Oceanos. I'm not sure which is which, and I don't really care enough to figure it out...

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Jury duty at 9a. Bed calls.

05 November 2006

I Need Another Vacation.

I was happily on vacation from October 21st - 29th. Went to Indiana to visit a dear friend and, I think, I need to go back!

See, I got back late late late Sunday night, the 29th.

On Monday after work, I picked up my puppy. She's 5 months old, she's a Jack Russell, her name is Stella.

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On Tuesday, I was to report for jury duty (jury selection). My group was postponed until Wednesday. So, Wednesday I go in, and lucky me - I was chosen to sit on the jury. Say hello to Juror Number Three.... Jury Duty is Tues-Thurs from 8:30a to 4:30p until the case is done. So you know? This is the most boring thing I have ever done in my life. EVER.

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The small town where the court house is has a parking garage. Three floors. With narrow-ish tight tunnels going from floor to floor.

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What happened on Thursday, you ask? Well, on the TWO HOUR LUNCH we were given (wasting my time, thank you), I was leaving the parking garage to go home and let the dogs out. I scratched my truck on the parking garage wall. (I took my dad's Honda car back - it fits much better!).

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I don't want to be on jury duty again. I'm glad I got to experience it this once, but from now on? I will tell the judge and attorneys that I don't have the ability to stay awake when things are this boring. It's a very honest statement. It doesn't matter that I just had a double latte. It just doesn't! (I did try the "I have a very close family friend on the Sheriff's Department, my uncle's a retired cop, and my neighbour was a retired cop." That didn't work.)

21 October 2006

1949 - 2006

Godspeed, Aunt Denise.

May you be forever free of pain, full of joy, surrounded by love.

The family you leave behind is well loved and will always be taken care of.

14 October 2006

Saturday Baking

Today is a "Wash the Truck" day. (Which I still haven't done, but will before the day is over.) While waiting for the driveway space to pull my truck up, I decided to bake.

In order to bake, I need music. Unfortunately, XM radio is in the kitchen (as opposed to Sirius); they don't have the good oldies stations I like! (I prefer late 50s - early 70s, but there wasn't a choice to listen to that segment of music.)

Classical it was. Veracini performing Violin Sonata #6.

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The cookies? Well, I was going to make the classic Nestle Toll House Cookies. Chocolate chip. But digging through the drawer with the 'chips in it, I found about 1/3 to 1/2 bag of both Mrs. Fields choco chips, and Nestle Vanilla Chips.

So that's what I used. Then my mom piped up with, "Why don't you go ahead and use those Heath things too?" So, in went a full bag of crushed Heath bars.

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And let me tell you. They were wonderful. :) (And there's a lot left. Which means some of them are going over to Tracy tomorrow.)

08 October 2006


Lace scarfSee? I am still knitting. I know it's amazing, but there we go! It is a crappy picture though; I didn't realize until I put the card in the card reader on the computer. I did learn, however, that pillows make nice things to pin into. The bed would've been good, but I'm not gonna do that to my bed. (It's a Select Comfort bed by the Sleep Number people. LOVE the bed. Sharp pointy things being stabbed into the air chambers could be Very Bad.)

06 October 2006


I did swatches of the Lime Blue and Amazonas hpy's. The Amazonas is looking to be more like a camouflage colour, and the Lime Blue is just kinda fun. Never know how they will pattern themselves when knit up for reals!

04 October 2006

Handpainted Yarn. (i.e., The Result Of My Knitting-stuff Buying Ban)

Lime Blue lm
I do think, though, that I set my Self Imposed Knitting Stuff Buying Ban after this batch of yarn-buying.

I bought a few skeins of lace yarn from HPY several weeks ago; the Sapphire Magenta, Black, and Sealed Wax (I think that's what the red was called). Now I have added three more to the mix because I love "knitting little" and the yarn is beautiful and, well.

I'm addicted.

Amorosos lm

"Hello? My name is Kalah? [... silence ... ] Hello? HELLO!?"

Amazonas lm

Right, I see that nobody else is in this meeting. Or at least willing to out yourselves as complete addicts. I'm FINE. Really, fine. [As in, F*cked up, Insecure, Neurotic, Emotional.] Super fine... ;)

30 September 2006

Knitting In Lace.

And let me just say that I enjoy it a lot.


29 September 2006

Talent, They Say

I'm a Talent!

You're a risk-taker, and you follow your passions. You're determined to take on the world and succeed on your own terms. Whether in the arts, science, engineering, business, or politics, you fearlessly express your own vision of the world. You're not afraid of a fight, and you're not afraid to bet your future on your own abilities. If you find a job boring or stifling, you're already preparing your resume. You believe in doing what you love, and you're not willing to settle for an ordinary life.

Talent: 62%
Lifer: 31%
Mandarin: 41%

Take the Talent, Lifer, or Mandarin quiz.

24 September 2006

Socks! (Well, Sock. Sockette, really.)

This past Wednesday I took a sock class at our local knitting store, Sierra Knitting Co. The class started at 4p, but with work and all, I wasn't able to get there until 5p. (I had warned everyone ahead of time! I think the only time I can make a weekday 4p appointment is if a) I have horses to do or b) I have a massage scheduled.)

So, the Sock Class. It was taught by an outsider, not Debi or Donna. I think this gal teaches quite a few classes there though.

We did a mini-sock pattern so we could get the idear of casting on (with the german long-tail something-er-other cast on), dividing sts for the heel flap, picking up sts, doing the kitchener st at the toe. When I left the class I still had the whole toe section to do, but another girl had gotten down to that part so we were all able to see how it was done. Easier to go back to the written instructions after you've seen it.

I used US3's on this little sock. The class callout was for US2's, but a) I already had 3's, not 2's, and b) I'm a tight knitter and knew I'd be able to get away with it.

So without further ado, I present to you a Finished Object. (Thank God.)

Nini Sock

Mini Sock

Just so you know the size of the sock... the top picture was taken with Sock sitting on the nose of my bicycle seat. It's 2" from toe to heel, and 2" from heel to the top of the cuff. See? Little.

I do want to knit REAL socks at some point, but I think I would like to wait and get some Addi dpn's. They make lil ones with the Addi "turbo" coating. (I actually went to the skacel website and checked....).

For now, I'm on a self-imposed knitting-stuff-buying ban until I finish a scarf from lace weight yarn (from hpy), and the pink scarf out of baby alpaca. Once those two projects are FINISHED, then I will look into buying the Addi Turbo dpn's in size "really small".

10 September 2006

Here's What I've Learned.

I need sharper (think KnitPicks) needles before I knit up my lace yarn.

I found that out on row three of swatch.

Good thing I have my light pink baby alpaca yarn as a backup to knit, eh? How's that for thinkin'!!

(No pictures though. I'm too lazy right now.)

06 July 2006

It's a ... What IS that??

Did I mention I was going to try something new (to me)?

I'm trying something new.

I decided that I wanted to do something with a cable in it. A simple basic cable. And I wanted each half of the cable to be a different colour. I can see it in my head ... I can see it completed in my head, and it looks pretty snazzy! Now I have to figure out how do do it, exactly. I have a good idea, and it will get done, but it may take awhile.

Mainly because this isn't something where my mind can wander. I have eight strands of yarn hanging down ... 4 are live, 4 are ends.

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Please understand: I am a baby knitter. I don't know how this looks to you, but for me?

I need a drink.

05 July 2006

Hello, My Name Is Kalah? ["Hi Kalah..."]

For those of you who don't know, I suffer from yarnaholism. (See, this is my way of saying, "I have new yarn.") If I have a bad day? I need yarn fumes. If I had quite the time with CtE at work? I need to fondle yarn. If I had a frustrating day, get off work early, AND have a COOpun to use? I buy yarn.

[If you wonder, "COOpun" comes from comedian Ron White. In normal english, COOpun is coupon.]

I didn't need any yarn. I never need yarn. But... but, you see, there's this yarn that always sucks me in. I always have to touch it. Not because it's soft or anything (because that would be baby alpaca, which this isn't), but because the colours draw me to them.

This, my friends, is how I celebrated Independence Day.

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Picture is smaller than I expected to make it. Must be the lateness of the night...

The grouping of five balls? Those are from Cascade Yarns. "Rio" is the yarn within Cascade.

The blue at either bottom corner? Those are both Berroco ... and I totally forget what type from them. Mmmm.... yeah. My brain is off the thinking mode. Softouch? Something like that.

I had a few people ask what I was going to do with this yarn. First? I'm going to admire it. I am going to be happy that I have it home. I am going to add it to my stash (my yarnstuff is becoming a stash!). I'm going to save it until I see a project that needs a little hint of colour, and then! Then, I will use one of these yarns, because that's what it will be perfect for.

I love yarn.

12 June 2006

"But wait, I have PLANS!"

"What has she been doing?" perhaps you wonder. Well, no, it's not knitting I've been doing. You see, some of you read about the mudslide we had a few months ago. We decided to rip up all the carpet, which meant moving everything either outside or upstairs depending on what it was, and move the damn dreaded pool table. (Anyone want a pool table? Bar sized, 1 piece of slate, heavy mo'fo. You want it, you have to move the bloody thing. Currently it resides in a garage in Folsom.) We are now having tile installed (Tile Guy is very nice, though I'm not sure why you need to know that.). Friday entailed sanding the cement that was under the carpet and painting this noxious stuff on it. Saturday the tiles started going down. Today at 7am, the tiling resumed. MAYBE by the end of the week, the tile will be complete, which would mean we could start moving stuff in, which means my Knitting Chair would come back in. In the meantime, I do have several projects planning themselves in my brain - one of which is a pair of socks!

So, here's some of what I have been doing.

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This is my horse. Blondie. The Blonde One. Thursday morning the front shoes went on, Friday morning the hind shoes went on, Saturday I clipped his legs up, and now he's ready to work.

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He's pawing the air in these photos. He knows he'll get yelled at if he paws the cement.

This week is a busy week with family birthdays, then Father's Day on the weekend, so ... maybe knitting will resume Sunday evening? I DO need to swatch up my KnitPicks Parade yarn with those little US3 dpns I got awhile back....

22 April 2006

Happy Birthday to ME!

So what if it's a bit more than a week still until my birthday! Tracy sent me a birthday package, which arrived on Thursday. A happy addition to a beautiful sunshine-filled day! I opened the box, and inside I found several wrapped items. This is the box with everything in it, no longer wrapped... ;)

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There on the upper left side is a ball of Knit Picks Parade yarn, currently being swatched on the included #5 Addi Turbos. There are five balls of that yarn for me to play with! I love how it's going to stripe itself - FUN!! And those Addi Turbos ... Oh. My. Gosh. I LOVE them! So fabulous! (So you know, on the package for the Addi's, there is a warning which states "if used by untrained persons this tool may cause bodily harm." I'm not THAT much of a klutz!

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On the lower left part of the box is the brown leather (or leather-like) zip case, which contains ...

Image hosting by Photobucket

Tadaaaa! The Boye Circular set! (The proper name is something like "Boye NeedleMaster Interchangeable Needle Set" or ... something.) All sizes I'll ever need to try stuff out, apparently! How utterly rad is that?!

Now, this yarn. This yarn I absolutely love. LOVE! The colours are so wonderful! Tracy included two, er, hanks? (knitterology totally escapes me right now) of this yarn. What am I going to do with it, you ask? I am going to admire it.

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See? It'll be very easy to just admire this yarn for awhile. It doesn't need to be made into anything yet. It only needs to exist.

Tracy also included a hank of Malabrigo Worsted Merino Wool. The card says Emerald, but it looks more Seafoam in colour. I think it will need a pink/purple/blue type of colour with it.

That baby blue yarn you see underneath everything? That wasn't part of my birthday present; it was just yarn that nobody down Tracy's way wanted. From how T talked about this yarn with such disdain, I think I am either going to hate it, or be stubborn enough to make it work for SOMETHING. It is a very furry yarn that appears to tangle quite easily. "USE LARGE NEEDLES" is what I was told. We'll see what happens!

Also included in the box is a cute stationary (or is it stationery? I really don't remember... to the horror of all those years of schooling I've had.) set which includes a small spiral-bound notebook, a pencil, the cutest holepunch I've ever seen, a lil' stapler, and little clips to clip papers or anything else you may want to clip! Also with this is a cute pencil holder which MAY be used to hold things other than pencils...

Now for my Wednesday and Friday evening shopping experiences at Sierra Knitting Co., located in Cameron Park. (I have to keep plugging these guys - they're wonderful!)

On Wednesday I went in looking for a soft something to make a new hat out of. I felt up a lot of yarn... and found Misti Alpaca's 100% wonderful Baby Alpaca! It's so amazingly soft ... I'm just in heaven! It's a medium-dark green with tiny slivers of orangish throughout. And so soft. SO soft!

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THEN, on Friday, I had to go back to the store again (oh darn!) to pick up the dpns I'll need for the size circs I bought on Wednesday (to go with the yarn...). And then bought more dpns to round out the sizes I will likely need in the not-too-distant future.

Image hosting by Photobucket

(See the bag? Sierra Knitting Co. Have I told you I like them? And? And?! They may be expanding their store, which may include an area to just come in and KNIT!!!)

Oh, I also bought new stitch markers, because I am housesitting and left that kind of stuff at home. I bought them for their colours ... bright green and purple. How could I resist!? But now I'm home posting pics for y'all, and will grab my stitch markers (I think they may be more flat than the ones I just picked up, which will be perfect for the Knit Picks project; I'll use my new ones for the baby alpaca project.), my measuring tape, and anything else I may need for my 9 remaining days of housesitting. Whew!

(And so you know, this is a record for me. Two projects kind of going at once. WOW! I feel the need to do aran-style cables on the knit picks yarn/hat. I am looking SO forward to seeing how that yarn stripes up in a hat, and am also looking forward to using the Addi's!)

Another quick note: Sierra Knitting Co. is hopefully going to start carrying those Addi Turbos pretty soon. Yay! As if I don't spend enough money on my horse and for gas for the truck...!

:) I'm so happy with these new additions to my Knitting Stuff. Don't I have one of the best cousins ever?! Tracy, thank you SO MUCH!!! And see, I may take a long break from knitting, but I come back! ;)

09 April 2006


My hat is done! I had the last part of my class yesterday (transfering to dpn's and finishing the hat). I felt like I had grown an extra five fingers that kept getting in the way, but at least I didn't have to worry about the dpn's falling out of the stitches since I knit tightly. I had fun doing this hat ... my first time using circulars (which I accidentally left at the knitting shop ... they called and told me that, so I guess I have another excuse to go in there sooner than I was planning), my first time using dpn's, and my first time tying in a new ball of yarn the way Tracy recommended (which worked really well, btw).

So, here it is. Many thanks to my model, a Kirkland roll of paper towels.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

And while at my friend's house last night, I started working on a practise run of the Aran Cable. It doesn't show up as well here as it does in person, but it still doesn't show up greatly in person either. I started it a few rows up, and instead of using just the 12 st width in the pattern, I should've made it wider just so there was more run out along the sides. I think that would've made the cables stand out better. But there you go, live and learn!

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05 April 2006

Super Freaking Great.

So, we've been getting rain. Our total up here is now about 55" (35" is about normal for us). That's a lot of freaking rain. I've been staying at my brother & sister-in-law's since Monday (only two nights, not bad). Came home late tonight, happily knowing I'd be in my own bed.

Some facts you need to know: I live on the second floor. The windows in my hall face the mountainside. There is only air between the windows and the dirt/rock of the hill. Meaning, there are no trees back there.

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Okay, correct me if I'm wrong, but those look like leaves. "But ... [pause] ... I don't have a tree back there."

Well, dude, there's a bloody tree there now!


Just bloody super.

Here's the downstairs: Wet carpet (mud must be about 4-5' deep behind the house in order for water to get in back there), and mud crashed through the back door (that leads to the back of the house, where septic is) into our garage / laundry room.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket

Again, not much more to say than Super. Just bloody super. See, we've always had to worry about the water coming up from the front (the river flooding), not the mud, rocks, and trees coming down from behind. Okay, not entirely true. We've had to worry about falling trees (200' Ponderosa Pines). They make a very distinctive sound when they crack that you never forget. And the pause before the thud when it hits ground, and the shake of the ground. Very interesting and unwelcome. Anyway, don't know how much damage that will have to be replaced because of the mud. The carpet may have to be replaced. It'll at least have to be pulled up to dry, while a torpedo heater does its magic. We don't know the damage of the sheetrock. It's cinder block wall on the other side of the sheetrock for 4-5' high along the whole backside of the house.

Needless to say, I haven't gotten any further on my knitting... Still ready to tie in the second ball to start the decreasing on my hat. Hopefully tomorrow evening I'll do that. I should be home relatively early.

02 April 2006

Around & Around & Around She Goes

Yes indeedy, I learned how to do circulars today! Today was the first of two lessons in my hat knitting class. I was the only one in my class. :) I knew that before showing up today; the original class had filled up, and I was the only one to sign up for the extra class, so they cancelled it but didn't want me to lose out - so they said "come in when you can on Saturday, and we'll get you started!" Okay! I'm s'posed to knit this baby up 10" before I start my decreasing. Seems excessive to me, but that's okay. I can roll or fold up the bottom part and be happy. If it's cold, I can pull it down way over my ears. I told them from the start that I'm a very tight knitter (just in case it mattered .... but it only matters to my right index finger, apparently, where the blister is forming). A few inches into my knitting, one of the owners came over and said, "Oh, you ARE a tight knitter! But it looks so good, and you have very nice even tension in your knitting." Thank you, I guess?

It's a CIRCLE!

I really like the colour of the yarn I picked out. Pink with very light purple and very light orangish colour. It's striping nicely. The owners of this knitting shop are really, really kind, and have the kind of personality I get along with fabulously. :) (Sierra Knitting Co. in Cameron Park, CA - go visit them!!) While I was knit knit knitting, Lorna of Lorna's Laces came in - she's very kind, too. I love nice people. They make the world such a wonderful place!

After that, I went over to a new friend's house and taught her and her friend how to do cables and knit in the round. It's after midnight, and I just got home! We had a fabulous time, and after my lesson next Saturday I will teach them how to finish their hats. Whew! What a knitting day! It is SO past my bedtime! (Though if I wait 40 minutes, it'll be midnight again...)

[Edited @ 10:30a to tell you I'm retarded. I always get the Fall Back / Spring Ahead things mixed up. So, it wouldn't be midnight again, it would be 2a instead! Earth to Kalah... Earth to Kalah!]

26 March 2006

I Learned Me Howta Cable!!!

Yes yes, you read that correctly. I bought some cable needles yesterday. They're these odd plastic things, two sizes came in the pack, I think they're from Clover. They're the U kind. Anywho, the wonderfully nice woman at my new local yarn store said these were what she used, so I said hey, good enough for me. Besides. I figure she's going to be the one to help me if I get in trouble, so might as well use what she uses. It's easier to teach people when they use your methods, and I'm so easy to teach, so that's the route I went.

One Cable, for your viewing pleasure. Just so you know? I really liked doing it. It's so much funner than just knitting something. There's more stuff to pay attention to, but not so much that you say, "I think it's time for a drink."

Image hosting by Photobucket

I just followed the instructions from the Stitch 'n Bitch book. :)

18 March 2006

We Have A Scarf!

Oh yes we do! I have completed The Scarf. Done. Well, with the knitting part. It is shy of 7 feet by about 4 inches or so. I still need to block it (or steam it or something) to take the curl out of the edge, but that's a project for tomorrow or Monday.

Here it is. All sprawled out. This is a bar sized pool table, so for those of you who know the difference between all tables out there, you have an idear of how long it is.

I'm Almost Done!

This? Aaah, for the love of HPY.com ...

Purples and Blues and Pinks, oh my!

I'm not sure what happened to the nice diamond pattern it was doing for me. But that went away for nearly a foot 'n a half.

Wha' happen?

Here's how I ended it. Wanted to try to end the scarf much in the same way it began, which, if you look at it, appears to be a few rows of "Hmmm, *that's* interesting...", so this part was intentional and actually looks a lot cleaner. I just swapped the pattern so it's on the other side for a few rows, then did the bind off in strictly knit stitch.

Because that's what I knew how to do, and I didn't want to read 'structions.


11 March 2006

Sit Down before I tell you this...

... I am knitting again.

After setting this scarf-in-progress down for awhile (it had "issues") (okay, maybe I'm the one with the "issues", but still.), I decided to fix the "dropped stitch" problem (thanks to Tracy emailing me instructions ... after I emailed her "WTF?!" pictures), and continue on with this scarf. I would, afterall, like to wear it sometime before, you know, summer.

After various problems that I would prefer not to admit to here, especially since it would force me to admit to y'all that I am a completely retarded knitter, here's where we are now. We're just shy of 4' long now.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

I started the second skein the other day. Tracy taught me the magical spit-splice / "suck on the ends and KarateKid it together" method of connected the end of skein one to the beginning of skein two. Perfect! In the photos, where the loose needle is pointing is the row of the skein change. Works for me! :)

Back to the "24" marathon on tv. Hopelessly addicted to the show starting this season, so I have 4 season to catch up on. Jack Bauer is ... wonderful. :)

05 March 2006

Pictures of the Week

Since I can't keep up with the APADs, and probably not even weekly... Here are some photos from last week. All were taken while driving (or pulled over, but still in the truck).

This picture is now what I have on the wallpaper of my computer. I love clouds, I love sunsets, and I rarely think to take their pictures to make the memory last longer. :)

Image hosting by Photobucket

This here? This is called Country Graffiti. See, we don't really have big fences, walls, or buildings for taggers to hit, so they have to do it on the rocks on the side of a hill. I just wonder who Heather is. (If you can't see it in this smaller version of the picture, sprayed in red paint is "I love you Heather".)

Image hosting by Photobucket

This is generally how I see sunsets. From the side mirror of my truck. I loooove sunsets. I could marry them.

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19 February 2006

Four Corners ... and a KNITTING UPDATE!

I worked on my room today. [Knitting? What about knitting?! Right. Well. I'll get to that.] But here's the entrance to my room. Walk straight back down the hall, and you will run into something. Chances are it's my door or my bookcase.

Image hosting by Photobucket

First I'm going to show you what I did today. This picture here? Do you see that nice dresser/entertainment unit on the right? That was just moved down from upstairs. Heavy SOB, that. And the dresser in the closet there? That was where the entertainment unit now sits. I had my tv, vcr, dvd player, satellite receiver, and alarm clock all perched vewy vewy cawefully atop the dresser. Perch no longer! They have their own home now ... tv and alarm clock are hidden behind the doors, and the satellite receiver, dvd and vcr are under the doors in that space before the drawers. (Three more drawers for clothes, yay!)

Image hosting by Photobucket

This is my bed. With, count them, five pillows. I love pillows. The main one is a king sized white down feather pillow. LOVE IT! There's another feather pillow in the pile somewhere, and other pillows... One me, lots of pillows. Happy me. :) I also changed the sheets and the comforter cover, since they were covered with black Lab hair. The black Lab sleeps with me when I'm babysitting him. He sheds. A lot. (The ball doesn't live on my bed. it was just in the way when I was walking around in there, so that was the best place to toss it.)

Image hosting by Photobucket

This is my desk, my computer desk [the corner unit there with the flat monitor on it], and is my next project to tackle. You can't see it, but last weekend I tossed all sorts of crap from the drawers. You should've seen all the files that went Hasta La Byebye! Next weekend I hope to make this corner of the room organized and clean. That's the plan anyway. That mess drives me mad!

Image hosting by Photobucket

This is the way out, in case you got lost in that last mess. Another bookcase, yes. One warning for those of you who don't really think ahead on some things, like me: Measure the distance between things to make sure there's room to "move stuff". Between the tall bookcase on the left and the 4 footer on the right, I only had about 1/4 - 1/2" to spare when pulling the entertainment unit in. Things were interesting there for a moment...

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Okay. So. Regardless of whether I want to knit now or not, I can't, because I still have about two weeks to go with a finger brace on my right index finger. That's an important knitting finger, to me. BUT. I have plans to sign up for a knitting class! Yes, ME!! It's a beginner II class ... for those of us who have done the scarves, this one is teaching us to knit in the round, doing increases/decreases, etc. Very nice! This is at a new knitting shop that opened locally earlier this month. The class starts in April, is on Saturdays for 3-4 weeks in a row, and a client of mine wants to take it with me. It'll be loads of fun!!! I already have the days crossed off in my appt book...