14 January 2007


I was at Target yesterday shopping for a baby shower, and decided to see if there were any suitable shelving unit things for my "Et cetera Closet". I found shelving! I bought two units (they are stackable), and four cloth drawers. (I bought the pink ones because they were on a super reduced sale, a "two-fer" deal, and I really don't mind pink at all.)

All four bins are full of yarn. On top of the shelving units sits a plastic bin (which has most of my straight needles in it), and on top of that is the orange Pandora's Box with all sorts of various knitterly things in it, then on top of THAT is a knitting tote thing that my mom found at Walmart (?) so picked it up.

And the best thing about all this? My skiis and golf clubs still fit alongside the unit! Everything still goes in the space, but in a much more organized way. Love it.

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