31 July 2005

And An Update!

Wow. See? I have been kind of knitting. We are now just shy of 30". This is going to be a nice long scarf, and I'm happy about that. Thin enough to be perfect for the chill, long enough so you can wrap it twice around your neck. Yay!

24 July 2005

The One Where There's Progress

I love seeing progress. We're about 11" long here. I love the gentle striping the yarn is doing, and with the lightness / airyness of how the scarf is coming out, it's going to be perfect for fall/spring weather. And, I've figured it out. Purl the bumpy side, knit the smooth side. As long as I remember that, I can put the needles down at any time and be able to know what I'm s'posed to do when I pick them up again...

Well, well, well ... !

Ohm Goodness!! She can knit! Yes, yes, yes. I ~gasp~ picked up the needles again after a long time of not, for whatever reason. (Mainly sleep reasons I think.) So, I decided to go back to the green boucle scarf. Good choice! But I picked it up and thought, "Huh. What on Earth was I doing?" You see, being a baby knitter, which I hope you can remember, I don't immediately (or even slowly) recognize the kinds of stiches I used and what its overall general classification would be. I finally figured "Ah, stockinette!" and opened my trusty Stitch 'N Bitch book to figure out if I was to knit the nooses and purl the scarves or what. I couldn't figure it out. So, I thought to myself, "Well, if you were smart when you stopped last time, you would have stopped so that when you picked up again, you would be using the knit stitch." ... so, I started doing a row of knit stitches. Then a row of purl. Then another row of knit. And low and behold! I don't have to go redo it! :) Hooraaah!

Cute Dog.

This is Lucy, our neighbours dog. I had to include her here because she's cute. She's still a mental puppy (and at under 2 years, I guess she's a puppy in general still anyway), a bit hyper, and looooves to play. She's fun ... and I think she's going home this week. Which is nice, since I don't exactly do well at walking a dog - on leash - at just after 5 in the mornings. The coordination thing just isn't there. Our dogs don't require leashes so that's not a big deal. Who knew that figuring out how to snap the leash on the collar would be so difficult before the sun came up...

18 July 2005

Tracy Has Slugs, We Have Beetles.

Okay. What I want to know is why bugs of this size actually need to inhabit my side of the planet. This little dude could do some serious damage to my panicking issues! Imagine the Panic Dance if this thing were to be alive still and ... and ... and flying. Yes yes, I know it's outside and I could just go inside. But honestly? I think I would have to go back outside armed with our tennis racket bug zapper thing, cans of whatever bug spray I could find, and ... and kill it. Or else I would know it is still out there to haunt me. ~shudder~ (I just want you to know. I did look at him through binoculars first to make SURE he wasn't moving before I got close with ruler and camera. I'm not a complete idiot!)

03 July 2005

But Seriously. Back to Kanitting.

So, I figured out that I'm simply bored to tears with kanitting scarves. I mean seriously. I had finished Red and was happy with the way she turned out. So I ordered my yarn from HPY to start a new scarf that wasn't a simple knit stitch the whole way through. And while I managed to tweak that one a bit (as in, "Fuck it up"), and still haven't spent the time to sit down and fix it, I started on a new scarf out of a green boucle.

Speaking of...

Tracy sent me a package awhile ago. She said she had a lot of extra needles of various sizes that she could give me. Yay for needles! I only had a pair of 10s and 8s of my own (I think that's what they are, anyway), and it would be simply sa-weeeet to have a nice array of needles. So, I get a box. "Uh, that's a tad heavy just to have needles in there, isn't it?" Right-o!

So, here's the box. (I love getting boxes.)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

(That "here's the box" reminds me of that thing we used to do when we were kids with our hands and fingers ... "Here's the church, here's the steeple, open up and see all the people!".)

The yarn! The yarn! I got yarn with the needles! (I deleted some stupid jokes that I had put here to spare you my odd humour.) Here we have a nice green boucle, a dark blue boucle that is not as thick, and a blue and silver boucle. I love, love, love (!) the blue and silver. I have absolutely no idear what I'm going to do with it (okay yeah, a scarf would be nice because I would always wear it, but I don't want to do another bloody scarf!), but I do love it.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Oh, the purple hawaiian print background? That's my sarong. From Hawaii. I love it very much, and since it was there I used it instead of my purple sheets on the bed. (Thought I should explain for some reason.)

Here are the needles! You will see that one of the needles has yarn attached to it. That's my last bloody scarf. But it's a simple stockinette or seed stitch. (See, it's been so long I can't even remember.) Oh, in this picture you will also see my purple sheet. There shouldn't be any drool marks on that section.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Okay, so that's the update. How exhausting. (Actually, I just can't think of anything else to say right now.) (Not true, I can always think of something to say, but nothing that belongs here.) :)