05 November 2006

I Need Another Vacation.

I was happily on vacation from October 21st - 29th. Went to Indiana to visit a dear friend and, I think, I need to go back!

See, I got back late late late Sunday night, the 29th.

On Monday after work, I picked up my puppy. She's 5 months old, she's a Jack Russell, her name is Stella.

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On Tuesday, I was to report for jury duty (jury selection). My group was postponed until Wednesday. So, Wednesday I go in, and lucky me - I was chosen to sit on the jury. Say hello to Juror Number Three.... Jury Duty is Tues-Thurs from 8:30a to 4:30p until the case is done. So you know? This is the most boring thing I have ever done in my life. EVER.

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The small town where the court house is has a parking garage. Three floors. With narrow-ish tight tunnels going from floor to floor.

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What happened on Thursday, you ask? Well, on the TWO HOUR LUNCH we were given (wasting my time, thank you), I was leaving the parking garage to go home and let the dogs out. I scratched my truck on the parking garage wall. (I took my dad's Honda car back - it fits much better!).

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I don't want to be on jury duty again. I'm glad I got to experience it this once, but from now on? I will tell the judge and attorneys that I don't have the ability to stay awake when things are this boring. It's a very honest statement. It doesn't matter that I just had a double latte. It just doesn't! (I did try the "I have a very close family friend on the Sheriff's Department, my uncle's a retired cop, and my neighbour was a retired cop." That didn't work.)

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