08 November 2006

Yarn and Puppies!

Jury Duty, Schmury Duty. We're just not going to talk about that.

First, I give you a Puppy Shot! Miss Stella *loves* to launch herself off the top of the two steps going down into the living room. Here she is mid-air, chasing after her tennis ball.

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And during my lunch hour today, I wasn't hungry, so I decided "Oh! There'a a Yarn Store up the street that I never have time to get up to!" I have never been in this store. Looked in the windows when I've been up there after they were closed, but never stepped foot in there.

I came, I looked, I bought.

Buying ban? Wha'? I don't unnerstand... b... ban?

(Right. I know. A knitting-stuff-buying-ban. I completely forgot about it once I entered that store. I use the Twinkie Defense! Even though I haven't had a twinkie since .... well, it's been many years.)

This is the yarn I bought today. It's called 18 Carat (or Karat?). One is a silver sparkly one, the other is a pink sparkly. The photo doesn't nearly do the colours justice, but there you go. One of these will go up the cable of the scarf I mentioned waaay back when (you know, the one out of the pink baby alpaca? That one.).

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This was my last purchase before my knitting-stuff-buying-ban really went into effect. Two blue laceweights from HPY. One is Azul Bolita, the other Oceanos. I'm not sure which is which, and I don't really care enough to figure it out...

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Jury duty at 9a. Bed calls.

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