26 March 2006

I Learned Me Howta Cable!!!

Yes yes, you read that correctly. I bought some cable needles yesterday. They're these odd plastic things, two sizes came in the pack, I think they're from Clover. They're the U kind. Anywho, the wonderfully nice woman at my new local yarn store said these were what she used, so I said hey, good enough for me. Besides. I figure she's going to be the one to help me if I get in trouble, so might as well use what she uses. It's easier to teach people when they use your methods, and I'm so easy to teach, so that's the route I went.

One Cable, for your viewing pleasure. Just so you know? I really liked doing it. It's so much funner than just knitting something. There's more stuff to pay attention to, but not so much that you say, "I think it's time for a drink."

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I just followed the instructions from the Stitch 'n Bitch book. :)

18 March 2006

We Have A Scarf!

Oh yes we do! I have completed The Scarf. Done. Well, with the knitting part. It is shy of 7 feet by about 4 inches or so. I still need to block it (or steam it or something) to take the curl out of the edge, but that's a project for tomorrow or Monday.

Here it is. All sprawled out. This is a bar sized pool table, so for those of you who know the difference between all tables out there, you have an idear of how long it is.

I'm Almost Done!

This? Aaah, for the love of HPY.com ...

Purples and Blues and Pinks, oh my!

I'm not sure what happened to the nice diamond pattern it was doing for me. But that went away for nearly a foot 'n a half.

Wha' happen?

Here's how I ended it. Wanted to try to end the scarf much in the same way it began, which, if you look at it, appears to be a few rows of "Hmmm, *that's* interesting...", so this part was intentional and actually looks a lot cleaner. I just swapped the pattern so it's on the other side for a few rows, then did the bind off in strictly knit stitch.

Because that's what I knew how to do, and I didn't want to read 'structions.


11 March 2006

Sit Down before I tell you this...

... I am knitting again.

After setting this scarf-in-progress down for awhile (it had "issues") (okay, maybe I'm the one with the "issues", but still.), I decided to fix the "dropped stitch" problem (thanks to Tracy emailing me instructions ... after I emailed her "WTF?!" pictures), and continue on with this scarf. I would, afterall, like to wear it sometime before, you know, summer.

After various problems that I would prefer not to admit to here, especially since it would force me to admit to y'all that I am a completely retarded knitter, here's where we are now. We're just shy of 4' long now.

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I started the second skein the other day. Tracy taught me the magical spit-splice / "suck on the ends and KarateKid it together" method of connected the end of skein one to the beginning of skein two. Perfect! In the photos, where the loose needle is pointing is the row of the skein change. Works for me! :)

Back to the "24" marathon on tv. Hopelessly addicted to the show starting this season, so I have 4 season to catch up on. Jack Bauer is ... wonderful. :)

05 March 2006

Pictures of the Week

Since I can't keep up with the APADs, and probably not even weekly... Here are some photos from last week. All were taken while driving (or pulled over, but still in the truck).

This picture is now what I have on the wallpaper of my computer. I love clouds, I love sunsets, and I rarely think to take their pictures to make the memory last longer. :)

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This here? This is called Country Graffiti. See, we don't really have big fences, walls, or buildings for taggers to hit, so they have to do it on the rocks on the side of a hill. I just wonder who Heather is. (If you can't see it in this smaller version of the picture, sprayed in red paint is "I love you Heather".)

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This is generally how I see sunsets. From the side mirror of my truck. I loooove sunsets. I could marry them.

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